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New Zealand Community of the Year


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New Zealand Community of the Year

Ngā Pou Whirinaki o te Tau

Mitre 10


The communities who have shown the best of community spirit. A group of people that together have made an outstanding impact on communities they serve. Their achievements enhance the social, economic, cultural or environmental prosperity of New Zealanders

To be eligible for this award, the nominee must be a regional or national community group, iwi, geographical region or collective of people – in any sector including (but not limited to) business, leadership, culture, voluntary work, disaster relief, environmental work, health, education, sporting clubs, or working with the disadvantaged.

Nominators should consider talking about the following areas in their nomination:

  • THE COMMUNITY: Describe the community, group or duo you are nominating and the work that they do (particularly over the past 12-months) that has inspired you to nominate them as 2024 Mitre 10 Community of the Year Ngā Pou Whirinaki o te Tau.
  • PURPOSE: Who benefits from the work of this community, and how?
  • COMMITMENT: Describe the commitment of time, risks, and challenges overcome to create an impact to this point (this may still be ongoing).
  • PROVEN IMPACT: How has this community clearly demonstrated a positive impact in their area of influence? How has this been measured?
  • LONG-TERM IMPACT: If applicable, how would the nominee/s enhance, grow, and/or adapt their approach in the future to best meet the changing needs of their community? How would winning this award impact this group and the work that they are doing?
  • THOUGHT LEADERSHIP & INNOVATIVE THINKING: How thoughtful, creative, and unique is this community’s approach to their challenge, opportunity, or situation?

Conditions of Entry

Cyclone Gabrielle Volunteers

In the aftermath of devastating flooding, a diverse group of Cyclone Gabrielle Volunteers stepped up to help, showing unwavering dedication and embodying the spirit of unity and solidarity in times of crisis. From right across the community – and regardless of extremely grim conditions – these selfless individuals have undertaken relentless, unpaid work. Their mahi ranged from clearing mud under damaged homes to stripping interiors, removing debris from orchards, and providing essential support to those affected. Their efforts go beyond physical labour, encompassing mental health support for individuals who have suffered devastating losses and trauma. Volunteers from various regions have come together, demonstrating that community isn’t always limited to our distinct neighbourhoods and that our collective support network is so much bigger than we think. This recognition is a tribute to the collective resilience, compassion, and tireless commitment of all those who have stepped up to help. Together, they have made an outstanding and lasting impact during an incredibly challenging time.



Cyclone Gabrielle Volunteers


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New Zealand Community of the Year

Andrea Scown

Mitre 10 CEO

“This Award is very dear to our hearts at Mitre 10. From Kaitaia to Invercargill, our stores are deeply embedded in and committed to supporting their local communities. The Mitre 10 Community of the Year Award celebrates the hard mahi, courage, and determination of groups and communities making a difference and leading change. Their remarkable efforts and commitment to better outcomes for Aotearoa is inspiring. We are honoured to recognise them.”