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Anyone! A friend, member of your whānau, colleague, peer, community leader, or simply someone you’ve never met but you admire. We have categories for both individuals and for duos, community groups and organisations.

The best candidates? Those inspirational New Zealanders who are achieving extraordinary things outside of their 9-5 job, making a real difference to yourself, to the lives of others and to Aotearoa in general.

On some of our Awards categories – there are eligibility criteria nominees need to meet. To check your nominee fits the bill, click on the button below. (Fear not, it will open in a new tab so you won’t lose any nomination progress on your form!).

Category Criteria

How will each category be judged?

Each category has some specific Award criteria the Judges consider when reviewing nominees. To submit a strong nomination, we recommend you take a look over it and keep it in mind when writing your nomination.

Head over to each award categories page and scroll to find their category criteria – each slightly differs, but it will give you a good idea of what the Judges are looking for.

Selection Criteria

Who are the 2023 Judges?

Meet the Category Judges across all seven categories and the Executive Judges.


What makes a standout nomination?

In a nutshell: Quality over quantity – keep it concise. Be factual – do your research.

First things first, you need to know who you are nominating and why. Head over to the Awards Category Criteria and read Conditions of entry. Is the person you have in mind eligible and do they fit the bill for the Award category?

Make your case and bring it in strong. Hook the Judges in and make them want to know more about your nominee. Feed them the facts. It’s time to tell us who they are and what they’ve done.

Show the impact. Why are they doing what they’re doing? What impact have they had? Keep it clean and concise - and back it up with news articles, testimonials, links – basically, hit us with all the supporting documents you’ve got!

Does nominating someone multiple times mean they’re more likely to be progress to a Semi-Finalist?

The short answer – no. The number of nominations for an individual nominee has no bearing on Judges decisions. Each nominee is individually based on their mahi and impact, rather than how many times they were nominated.

Can I save as I go?

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How much work do I have to do on my nomination?

The minimum you need to tell us about your nominee is their name and what category you’d like to nominate them for! That’s it.

However, the more information and evidence you can give us about why you're nominating them - the stronger your nomination will be.

When telling us about your nominee, we limit it to 500 words – so keep it concise and focus on the hard-hitting facts of the impact! You can back it up by linking our judges to supporting articles and evidence if you like though. (Supporting files are limited to 20MB).

Do I have to make a digital nomination?

We’re keeping it green with digital nominations. If you’d prefer a printable copy of the nomination form, please email or phone us on 0508 692 927.

Where can I manage my current nominations?

Have a login? You can manage your current nominations here.

If you don’t have a login, then unfortunately once you’ve hit submit, you can no longer make any changes to that nomination.

When will I hear about my nominee progress?

Due to the volume of nominations and limitations to our nomination system, we can’t keep you directly updated on the progress of your nominee/s – sorry!

To ensure you’re in the loop with the progress of your nominee, we recommend you:

When are the Kiwibank Local Hero Medallists announced?

The 100 Local Hero Medallists will be announced in mid-November 2022.


When are Semi-Finalists and Finalists announced?

The 70 Semi-Finalists (10 Semi-Finalists in each of the seven Award categories) will be announced in early December 2022. The Finalists (Top 3 in each Award category) will be revealed February 2023.

When are the Winners announced?

The 2023 Winners in each of the seven Awards categories will be revealed on Thursday 30 March 2023 at the Gala Dinner at the Cordis, Auckland.

When are tickets to the Gala Dinner on sale?

Tickets to the 2023 Gala Dinner (Thursday 30 March 2023, The Cordis, Auckland) are on sale later this year. Keep an eye out on the Awards socials for more tickets! To express early interest in tickets or a table, please email