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Taika Waititi is a writer, director, actor, and visual artist. His contribution to New Zealand spans many years as one of New Zealand’s preeminent storytellers. His films’ evocative and unique expression of New Zealand’s culture and identity. His short and feature films have are widely acclaimed, having broken box-office records and garnering international acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival and Academy Awards.

Waititi’s creative flair and distinctive storytelling has shown New Zealand’s unique cultural traits to millions of people. The humble and easygoing nature of his characters resonate with New Zealand and international audiences. Combined with stunning visual cues of New Zealand life and landscapes, his films epitomise what makes New Zealand a truly special place to live.

Waititi participated in the 2015 Cure Kids charity single (raising funds for research into cures and treatments for conditions affecting children) and has shown support to charities fighting child poverty. He's also raising awareness of the lack of Māori and Pacific Island bone marrow donors, including registering himself as a donor.

Randwick Park is a South Auckland suburb and home to more than 5,700 people, a third of whom are 15 years of age or younger. The area has similar percentages of Māori, Asian and Pākehā peoples and a higher Pasifika population. A third of the population are lone parents, many living below the poverty line. Home ownership has decreased and private rental has increased by 30% in the last decade with Housing New Zealand the largest landlord in the area.

It’s an area full of contrasts and a rawness that inspires promise for the future. From the outside, it seems to offer little, but when you look inside, you find an abundant community that is growing; thriving because some people genuinely care for it and the people who live there.

Collectively the community have, for well over a decade driven sustainable change within their community. Change that has been cultural, spiritual, and commercial providing a sense of care, belonging ownership and responsibility with new Manu Tukutuku community and sports centre and skate park at its heart underpinning an increase in community events, environmental initiatives, strong culture of youth leadership and youth volunteering, and neighbourhood support networks.

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