Our Fresh New Look – New Zealander of the Year Awards

3 Jul 2015


As you probably have noticed, we've made a few changes! With a brand spanking new logo, website design, colour palette with varying shapes and patterns, and a new tagline/motto.

Since the awards started we have been using a basic black and white fern design, and don’t get us wrong we love the Silver Fern and what is represents, but thought it was time to evolve and create some imagery that anchored the mana of the New Zealander of the Year Awards.

Firstly the logo; we have focused on elements from Pouhine the weave patterns  of the New Zealander of the Year kakahu (maori cloak), which is pictured below. As you can see there are various patterns and shapes, we have decided to pull and combine together with a colour palette of black and white (NZ colours) grey, and gold (prestige) which makes the logo very visually aesthetic, but the cloak also carries great meaning, it represents protection and the myths and legends of a people. This perfectly signifies what the awards are about and fuses together in perfect harmony with the strong pattern and colours.


We have also decided to change our tagline or motto, from ‘Pure Kiwi Spirit’ to ‘Honouring the Best of Us’. We believe that although Pure Kiwi Spirit was a jazzy tagline, it doesn’t have much call to action, and does not effectively capture what the New Zealander of the Year Awards are all about. Which is ultimately honouring those who make us proud to call New Zealand home.

We hope you enjoy the new imagery and meaning behind it, let us know what you think by heading along to our Facebook page!

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