Nominee Spotlight: SuperGrans - Community of the Year

16 Oct 2015


SuperGrans is a non for profit charitable trust with seven regional branches throughout New Zealand. Supergrans aim to share their life skills and experiences to help homes, families and communities. Whether it be educating on how to budget better and make your income go further, make amazing, healthy and low cost meals for your family, sewing, growing your own food, household chores. It could be anything ! Things that maybe new or young families are struggling with, SuperGrans volunteers use their life experiences to help and pass down their knowledge and learnings. Almost all ‘SuperGrans’ are unpaid volunteers, who thrive off inspiring others and knowing that they are helping New Zealanders in their community be healthier and happier.

The Mitre 10 New Zealand Community of the Year Award celebrates a regional or national community group or organization that shares a strong sense of community spirit and plays a vital role in enhancing social, economic, cultural or environmental prosperity in their region.

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