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To be eligible for this award, the nominee must be aged between 15-30 years.

Nominators should consider talking about the following areas in their nomination:

  • THE NOMINEE: Describe the person you are nominating and what they’ve done to inspire you over the past year to nominate them as The University of Canterbury Young New Zealander of the Year 2021 - Te Mātātahi o te Tau.
  • PURPOSE: Who benefits from the work, contribution, or influence of this person - and how?
  • LEADERSHIP: How does this person set a positive example for other young people and showing them the potential for change.
  • COMMITMENT: Describe the commitment of time, risks, and challenges overcome to create an impact to this point (this may still be ongoing). What have they done that has gone above and beyond to show leadership, create change, and give back?
  • PROVEN IMPACT: How has this person clearly demonstrated a positive impact in their area of influence? How has this been measured?
  • LONG-TERM IMPACT: If known, how does the nominee plan to grow and/or adapt their work, contribution, or influence in the future? How would winning this award impact this person and the work that they are doing?

Nominees in this category also make ideal candidates to consider for a Kiwibank New Zealand Local Hero - Te Pou Toko o te Tau Nomination also. Remember an individual can be nominated in one or more categories.

“For over 147 years, the University of Canterbury has been committed to enabling change-makers to create a positive difference in our community and beyond. UC is pleased to celebrate these young leaders and support their success with The Young New Zealander of the Year Award.”
Professor Cheryl de la Rey
University of Canterbury Vice-Chancellor – Tumu Whakarae