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Recognise inspiring Kiwis whose game-changing discoveries, research or inventions are driving society forward. An innovation can involve a product, service, technology or process across any industry sector. Nominations are for New Zealand companies or New Zealand citizens over 15 years of age.

Please ensure your answers demonstrate how the nominee fulfills the criteria. You may wish to include supporting documentation such as printed information, website links, press clippings, images, impact reports etc. You may need to contact the person or company you are nominating for assistance with sourcing the supporting information.

The judges will use the following criteria during judging/deliberation:

  • Inspired innovation: Nominees should exhibit a thoughtful, creative and innovative approach to resolving a challenge
  • Validated need: Evidence validates the existence of the challenge being faced by the targeted population;
  • Proven impact: The innovation should clearly demonstrate a positive impact on the targeted community.
  • Building on success: Nominations should include plans for enhancing, growing and/or adapting the innovation in the future to best meet the needs of the targeted population.
  • Your nominee, if contacted in reference to their nomination, should be prepared to describe how their organization will build on success and take their innovation to the next level.


The Nomination Form will offer you the opportunity to include a written summary, images & attachments relating to the individual, and the innovation they are responsible for.

To meet the criteria that the judges will be considering, the nomination should include the following information. If the Awards Office requires further information, they will notify the nominee and give them the opportunity to provide this.

Description of the Innovation:

How is it unique/original?
How did the nominee identify the opportunity and introduce the new idea?
Describe the commitment of time, risks and challenges overcome to develop the innovation to this point (this may still be ongoing):

Commercial Potential (if relevant):

How does the innovation provide a competitive solution to a market need?
Describe how the innovation has commercial potential and the suitable market strategy:
Describe how the innovation is sustainable and will continue to be beneficial/add value going forward:
Summarise any plans to use this innovation to sustain growth or develop new innovations:

Capability and Capacity:

How is the value of the innovation measured?

Level of Impact/Change:

Describe the opportunity the innovation has to generate economic, social
and/or environmental benefits for local industry sector, the nation and or

How does the innovation deliver tangible benefits for industry and end-users? This may include the potential to leverage additional investment into New Zealand.

“We’re excited to support the New Zealand Innovator of the Year award and all of the nominees. If it wasn’t for a great innovator, Trade Me wouldn’t be where it is today. We’re rapt to be encouraging New Zealand’s innovators and recognising their successes so young Kiwis are inspired.”
Regan Savage
Chief Customer Officer, Trademe