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The Community of the Year Awards provides an opportunity for regional or national community groups and organisations to be recognised for their achievements and contribution to their communities. These groups share a strong sense of community spirit and play a vital role in enhancing the social, economic, cultural or environmental prosperity of their region. It is important to recognise and encourage these groups as their efforts make our communities stronger and more vibrant and promote true community spirit for this and generations to come.

  • Include a profile of the community and/or community group and the services provided
  • Outline the present aim and objective as well as previous and current projects
  • Describe who has benefited and benefits as a result of the work of this community group
  • Discuss challenges and how they have been overcome
  • Identify range of groups and number of people involved
  • Outline the group structure ie. trust, company, co-operative, membership based etc
  • Describe nature of individual input

Please also consider the volunteers of the organisation for nomination in the Kiwibank Local Heroes category.

“As Kiwis we’re proud of what makes New Zealand New Zealand, and believe the spirit found in the community is core to that. Communities help make us great and many groups are making massive efforts to build better communities. For that they deserve to be thanked and their efforts celebrated, we see no better way than the Community of the Year Award to do this.”
Neil Cowie
CEO Mitre 10