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The Community of the Year Award recognises regional or national community groups that have made an outstanding difference to their communities. They foster a strong sense of community spirit and their achievements enhance the social, economic, cultural or environmental prosperity of their region making it stronger and more vibrant.

They may be involved in any area; business, leadership, voluntary work, environmental work, education, sporting clubs, or working with the disadvantaged.

The Judges will take the following criteria into account when considering your nomination:

  • Please describe the community or group you are nominating and the community work that they do.
  • What is the community aiming to achieve by working together?
  • Has this been a long term involvement and what impact or difference has the group made?
  • Who benefits from the work this community group is doing?
  • Have there been any challenges they have had to overcome?
  • How would winning this award impact this group and the community work that they are doing?

Please also consider the volunteers of the organisation for nomination in the Kiwibank Local Heroes category.

“As Kiwis we’re proud of what makes New Zealand New Zealand, and believe the spirit found in the community is core to that. Communities help make us great and many groups are making massive efforts to build better communities. For that they deserve to be thanked and their efforts celebrated, we see no better way than the Community of the Year Award to do this.”
Neil Cowie
CEO Mitre 10