Previous winners


Finalist Acheiving at waitakare

Achieving @ Waitakere Charitable Trust

An embodiment of community in action, Achieving @ Waitakere (A@W) is a charitable trust on a mission to ensure young people in West Auckland succeed in education. Composed of 11 school principals from around West Auckland, The Trust harnesses the power of collaboration – building on a range of positive initiatives that have been happening in the community for years, and working together to ensure no young person is left behind. Over a five-year period the A@W team have supported over 500 young people to re-engage in education, and access much-needed support and services. Beyond that, they have changed the way West Auckland work with at-risk youth, championing a more proactive and supportive approach. It’s critical work, driven by the knowledge that education is a powerful tool for breaking cycles of poverty and supporting young people to reach their full potential.

Finalist Kindness Collective

Kindness Collective

Founded by Sarah and Dave Page in 2014, the Kindness Collective (KC) has now grown from a small, behind-the-scenes group of friends and family to a network of over 40,000 people; including donors, volunteers, followers, brands and businesses all working together to build a kinder Aotearoa. At its heart, KC operates as a match-making agency; matching those in need with those who have more to share – donating time, tools, resources and money to Kiwis in need.  Their projects include the Christmas Joy Store which provides Christmas to thousands of kids, community garden builds, provide food and essentials for thousands each year, and the PJ Project which provides warm, winter PJs to kids from Kaitaia to Queenstown, and everywhere in between.

Finalist Pathways.png

Pathway Charitable Group

For every 100 people released from prison in New Zealand, 49 will be back behind bars within two years. That’s one of the highest recidivism rates in the western world, a statistic Pathway is determined to change. As part of its Navigate Initiative based out of Christchurch Men’s Prison, the charitable trust supports and prepares prisoners for six to 12 months ahead of their release, giving them essential, practical skills to make positive change and live enriched, meaningful lives for the benefit of our communities. The intensive programme has a proud history of success, with internal statistics showing just 9% of the approximately 70 prisoners released over the first four years have returned to prison after re- offending. That is a staggering drop in recidivism, which Pathway is very proud of. Pathway believes everyone deserves a fresh start and when the Tu Ora we work with commit to that, we provide the tools and support they need to make positive change. Living a meaningful, enriched life can make all the difference and create safer communities for everyone. All of this is made possible because Pathway never gives up on anyone. Ever.



To be eligible for this award, the nominee must be a regional or national community group, iwi, geographical region or collective of people - in any sector including (but not limited to) business, leadership, culture, voluntary work, disaster relief, environmental work, health, education, sporting clubs, or working with the disadvantaged.

Nominators should consider talking about the following areas in their nomination:

  • THE COMMUNITY: Describe the community, group or duo you are nominating and the work that they do (particularly over the past 12-months) that has inspired you to nominate them as 2023 Mitre 10 Community of the Year Ngā Pou Whirinaki o te Tau.
  • PURPOSE: Who benefits from the work of this community, and how?
  • COMMITMENT: Describe the commitment of time, risks, and challenges overcome to create an impact to this point (this may still be ongoing).
  • PROVEN IMPACT: How has this community clearly demonstrated a positive impact in their area of influence? How has this been measured?
  • LONG-TERM IMPACT: If applicable, how would the nominee/s enhance, grow, and/or adapt their approach in the future to best meet the changing needs of their community? How would winning this award impact this group and the work that they are doing?
  • THOUGHT LEADERSHIP & INNOVATIVE THINKING: How thoughtful, creative, and unique is this community’s approach to their challenge, opportunity, or situation?

Conditions of Entry