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This is the opportunity to recognise those aged 60 and over who have made a positive contribution to our great nation. This award provides New Zealanders of all ages the opportunity to express their appreciation and admiration for the achievements of our senior New Zealanders.

Nominees will have contributed and continue to contribute to the welfare of our nation through excellence in their chosen field. They will present a significant and positive image of aging and be a role model to the wider community.

Whether it be in business, sports, arts, education or community involvement we invite you to nominate someone over 60 years of age for this prestigious award.

The judges will consider the following criteria:

  • The individuals current contribution and benefit to society and impact on community or nation
  • The time & efforts dedicated in working toward goals
  • The length of service that the individual has been making a difference
  • Their impact on individuals, their cause, the local community or nation
  • Any continuing commitment if relevant to their personal development by participation in courses, forums, conventions and community activities etc.
  • The degree of difficulty in achieving their goals
  • The challenges faced and overcome

Nominees in this category also make ideal candidates to consider for a Kiwibank Local Heroes Nomination also. Remember an individual can be nominated in one or more categories.

“There’s a misconception that in later life the sense of adventure and drive for success slows down, but as demonstrated by winners of the Senior New Zealand of the Year award that’s far from the truth. Metlifecare are proud to support those people who are making remarkable contributions to society. Our winners are shining examples of Kiwis over 60 who are passionate about making New Zealand a better place and who have achieved considerable success and continue to do so in their senior years. ”
Glen Sowry
CEO, Metlifecare